When Feb 9 6:00 PM
Location Graham Auditorium
1916 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Join us on Wednesday, February 9 at 6 pm for a screening of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. With the 1865 publication of Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the phrase “down the rabbit hole” became shorthand for the experience of slipping into a bizarre, alternate reality. With his playful treatment of scale and material expectations, artist Tristin Lowe’s work evokes a sense of parallel world weirdness. Held in conjunction with Lowe's exhibition Black Holes & Rabbit Holes, this series of screenings invites revelatory disorientation with four films that open portals into strange wonderlands.


Harrison Ford stars in this fascinating, dark vision of the near future as a policeman who tracks engineered humans—a Blade Runner. In the year 2019, the police department forces Rick Deckard (Ford) out of retirement to hunt four genetically engineered humans who have come to earth. Designed to do difficult, hazardous work, the manufactured humans are stronger, faster and smarter than non-engineered humans. They feel no pain or remorse; they are almost indistinguishable from other humans ... and they are killing people. Now Deckard must stop them before they kill again.

Additional screenings include: