When Sep 29 11:30 AM
Location Library Instruction Lab


Writers Studio Events Fall 2021

All first-year students are required to attend one writing event each semester. You can select from any of the events below. Bring your smartphone and Moore ID to the event to scan your attendance. If you do not have a smartphone, no problem! We will help you when you arrive.

Art & Writing Discussion Series (keyword: Self)

Featuring the work of Lynn Palewicz (Foundations), Gigi McGee (Graphic Design), and a Moore Student (TBA) this event explores how each presenter’s art/design work intersects with writing and the theme of SELF.

Each Thursday from 3 PM – 4 PM students are invited to the Writers Studio to write in community with others. Bring your laptop or your journal and anything you’re working on; you can use this time for any writing—personal journaling, a class assignment, a creative side project, etc. Both a Writing Assistant and a Connelly Library staff member will be available if you need any assistance. Snacks provided!