When Oct 1 4:00 PM

Join us on Friday 10/1 from 4-7 pm for a reception celebrating Abstracted Migrations: Ideas on Embodied Motion. Light refreshments will be provided.

From October 2 - December 4, visiting curator Kalia Brooks brings Abstracted Migrations: Ideas on Embodied Motion to Moore's campus. This exhibition features the work of three artists, Firelei Baéz, Saya Woolfalk and Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, whose practices model new modes of recognizing bodies in motion as emergent from the prospect (and consequence) of social and political forms, geographic and cultural mobility, technology and the stability of the environment in supporting the human condition.

Baéz, Woolfalk and Sunstrum are aware that migration generates identity positions that are not singular, but rather a combination of experiences, or hybrid. Hybrid identities contain within them the sensibility of in-betweenness having been derived from multiple sources. The transience of this kind of identification is made tangible through the aesthetic contribution of these artists. Their work helps the viewer understand how the exchange of materials, bodies and ideas resulting from the colonial project, become a current by which new associations of subjective experience are formed, and traditional histories and typologies are challenged and dismantled.

Image: Firelei Báez, DREAMer (a demand for opacity that weaves no boundaries), 2017. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 105 x 249 in. Private collection, courtesy of the artist & James Cohan Gallery, New York.