Moore seeks to ensure a safe, inclusive and creative environment where students, faculty and staff can acknowledge and celebrate all that represents the College. In February 2016, the College formed a faculty/staff diversity committee to begin to identify and address issues around diversity.

In May 2016, the Board of Trustees approved the College’s 5 year Strategic Plan. Two key strategies were added to the plan for 2017-2021:

  • Increase the diversity of faculty, guest lectures, faculty fellows, critics, and artists.
  • Provide opportunities for the community to learn and explore issues around diversity, inequality, inclusion, and academic freedom.

Based on these strategies, the faculty and staff committee set the following goals:

  • Establish programs, plan events, and complete a campus-wide climate survey in order to foster an environment that supports diversity and inclusion.
  • Improve inclusivity in teaching and continue to incorporate diversity and inclusion in teaching, and learning.