Foundation Drawing

Develop your eye and explore important techniques for drawing human figures, forms in nature, landscapes, interior spaces, abstract compositions and still-life setups. Learn to make the best creative choices through observation, critical evaluation and your own creative style.


Understanding human anatomy is an essential part of learning how to draw accurate body proportions. If you love drawing human bodies and forms realistically and want to further develop your skills, this is the class for you! You will learn how to draw the human form through structures of skeletons, muscles and varying body types to create detailed masterpieces.


SADI’s flexible curriculum gives you the freedom to shape your own artistic direction. Students choose four concentrations of study modeled after Moore’s undergraduate course offerings. To support these concentrations, students are automatically enrolled in foundation studios.


Enjoy animated films or developing stories and comics? Bring your ideas and sketches to life, using traditional and digital animation techniques to design unique characters and fascinating visual narratives.


Craving some hands-on creativity? Working with clay is a mesmerizing, meditative, and challenging form of self-expression. Learn the basics of throwing clay on the potter’s wheel to create vessels like vases, bowls, plates, and more!

Character Design

In one of our most popular classes, learn how to bring a cast of your own original characters to life! Discover the process of character development through staging, silhouette, posture, costume, color and shape.


Explore the captivating world of visual storytelling! This course is tailored for students who aspire to become comic book artists, graphic novelists, or simply wish to refine their drawing skills while exploring the rich art of sequential storytelling.

Interior Design

Delve into the exciting and evolving field of interior design and embrace the art of the built environment. Learn how designers think, solve problems and improve our world by creating inventive spaces where people live, work, play and relax.


Become adept at creating uniquely stylized artwork for telling stories, designing characters and developing scenes, from imagination to paper. You will experiment with various techniques and materials to find inventive ways of combining words, images and ideas.

Fashion Design

Evolve from a fashionista to a fashion designer by producing ideas, sketching concepts and constructing your own designs. A future career in fashion will be in view as you create inspiration boards and fabric stories and learn draping techniques for designing garments.


Go beyond the smartphone and learn to share stories that will prepare you for a career in the film industry, the most ubiquitous form of art, culture and communication! Start in screening and production classrooms, gain access to professional cinema equipment, and move into post-production.

Game Design

Explore digital and analog game-making as an inventive artist, storyteller and creator of fun. By designing and building original games, you will gain a thorough understanding of game structure, play experience and community gaming culture.

Graphic Design

Learn about the art of visual communication and how to create impressive designs for real world applications. Develop graphic design skills by creating impressive logos, branding, and marketable media designs for real-world clients!


Create expressive artworks that harness the versatility of acrylic paint. You will explore how to depict and organize forms, colors and textures of both observed subjects and ideas from your imagination.


Go beyond the digital realm and explore the world of photography! Learn how to compose compelling images through the camera’s eye while gaining skills in aesthetics, camera functions, film development and darkroom techniques.


A powerful means for communicating ideas, printmaking allows you to take drawn or painted images and transform them into something new. Focusing on screen printing and wood block techniques, you will explore new materials and create personalized imagery.