Moore’s Photography program is well equipped with expansive facilities—from a wet darkroom and lighting studio to a digital video lab and 2D animation lab—and a free camera rental center. Working in both analog and digital formats, you’ll learn how to use the technical skills to advance the ideas, issues and passions that are important to you.

“The facilities are amazing, honestly. The class sizes for photography are typically relatively small, so the spaces are not often packed with people. In the Photo Cage, there is always a monitor  in case you have questions about how  to use something or if you want to  check out equipment.” 


Cheyenne Yelle '21

More Perks & Opportunities

Specialized labs & studios

Designed specifically to support digital photography, multimedia and web media.

Rental Center

Free access to cameras and supplies essential to your craft.

Extensive photo facilities

Including a wet darkroom, lighting studio, a digital video lab and 2D animation lab.

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