If you're the kind of person who...

  • Tears out cool advertising designs and tapes them to your wall
  • Finds typography social media accounts dreamy
  • Wants to make a career out of creating memorable objects or seamless interfaces

Then Graphic Design might be the Moore major for you.

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  • FUTURE-FOCUSED: Graphic Design is a richly varied field and you’ll be able to pursue any future path, thanks to a strong core curriculum that includes UX, web design and typography courses, as well as specialized focuses on areas like packaging design, hand lettering or brand identity development.
  • ACCESS: You’ll meet and learn from emerging talents in the field as well as industry legends, thanks to our exciting annual Visiting Artist Workshop, field trips, and other opportunities.
  • CAREER: Intern at a groundbreaking agency or find your niche designing for an industry you love—everything from book publishing to clothing retail to major league sports! It’ll be the first step toward landing a job you love.

Header artwork in video, in order: Abby Obfenda ’23, Kal Bracey ’21, Abby Obfenda ’23, Christa Faas ’22, Abby Obfenda ’23, Madison Phillips ’22, Bella Piagentini ’23, Bella Piagentini ’23, Julia Parrick ’22, Julia Parrick ’22, Dan Callahan ’24, Ari Lopez ’23 and Annais Delgado ’22


100% of Moore Graphic Design students receive a paid internship between junior and senior years, and get real-world experience working with companies and organizations like:





Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles


Graphic Design alumni have landed jobs at companies and organizations like…

Brownstein Group

Brownstein Group

The Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Vanity Fair Magazine

Vanity Fair Magazine


Emme Selby ’23, Graphic Design

“I was a finalist for internships with La Colombe, HelloFresh and Urban Outfitters. I chose one that is well paid and that will set me up for a job once I graduate. The world needs design and art. Moore understands that and helps to make your passion a profession."

Take Advantage of Our Expansive Graphic Design Facilities and Equipment

Graphic Design students working on computers. Photograph by Erin Blewett

Computer Labs

Everything you need for digital work: 27” iMacs, Epson P800 17”x22” inkjet printers, Xerox black and white and color printers, and scanners for documents up to 18”x24” in size

A printer with a black and white portrait printing.

Print Center

For wide-format work, including multiple 44”-wide photo-quality inkjet printers

A laser cutter cutting out a design in wood in the FabLab


Your future favorite place on campus, featuring a laser cutter/engraver, 3D scanners/printers, CNC Router, ceramics decal printer and a digital embroidery machine

Cameras on a shelf in the Equipment Cage

Equipment Cage

Rent the same equipment the pros use, such as professional Canon SLRs and mirrorless cameras up to 45 megapixels, Prosumer DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras, film SLR cameras, 4 x 5 film cameras, HD video cameras, tripods, and audio accessories like digital audio recorders, boom mics, gimbal stabilizers, and more

Two students photographing another student sitting on a stool in front of a white backdrop.

Professional Shooting Studio

Fully equipped with a Hasselblad H5D-50 50MP camera, colored backdrops, green screen, strobes, hot lights and other accessories


Watch our Meet Your Major: Graphic Design video to take a deeper dive into everything this program has to offer!

Network with the Pros

You’ll also meet guest critics and speakers—graphic design superstars who started out just like you—at special department events. Here’s a glimpse of some of our recent visitors:

Anna Crider

Anna Crider

Crider is the principal of Entro, a world leader in the field of branding and environmental design, with a legacy dating back 50 years and offices around the world in New York, Toronto, Calgary, Sydney and Zürich.

Gail Anderson

Gail Anderson

Anderson is a New York-based designer, educator and writer, and the first woman of color to be honored with the American National Design Awards’ Lifetime Achievement award from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in 2018. 

E Bond ’96

E Bond ’96

A San Francisco-based artist and Moore alum, bond makes web work by day at Athleta and handmade, one-of-a-kind books and other printed pieces at night, under the studio name roughdrAftbooks.

Visiting Artist Workshop

You’ll also participate in our annual three-day Visiting Artist Workshop, an exclusive opportunity for students in the Graphic Design major, and learn directly from design experts like:

Google Creative Lab

Topic: Design for Social Causes

Paula Scher

Paula Scher of Pentagram

Topic: Designing for Nonprofits

Example of Gustavo Piqueira's work.

Gustavo Piqueira of Casa Rex, São Paulo, Brazil

Topic: Publication Design

What You'll Learn

Click the plus buttons below to get an overview of each year’s core curriculum, and also choose from a variety of exciting electives like:

  • Mobile App Design: develop an effective mobile app based on principles of design, interactivity and usability
  • Crafting Type in FabLab: design original typefaces with tools like a 3D printer and laser cutter
  • Photo Studio: develop digital camera, image editing, and printing skills
  • Symbol Families: explore cartography, diagrams, wayfinding and environmental graphics
  • Book, Box, Portfolio: learn historical and handcrafted bookbinding methods 

A graphic design student presenting work

Graphic Design Core Curriculum

Year 1 is your Foundation year! You’ll get a head start with your bridge-to-major class (Introduction to Graphic Design) and choose between drawing or design in your second semester.

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Intro to Graphic Design
  • Foundation Drawing I
  • Visual Thinking
  • Drawing Visual Communications OR Creative Design
  • Color Theory
  • Art History I & II
  • Writing Workshop I & II

Immerse yourself in your major in Year 2. Classes like Type and Image, Web Design I and The Printed Word will give you foundational skills for future work.

  • Design Thinking and Application
  • Typography I
  • Digital Image Making
  • The Printed Word
  • Type and Image
  • Web Design I
  • Modern Art History Course
  • Non-Western Art History
  • Gender, Race, Class & Power
  • Studio Electives

In Year Three you will expand your skills through applications like environmental and package design, UX and web design, experimental image making and typography, and an internship with industry experts.

  • UX Design I
  • Strategies and Applications
  • Expressive Typography
  • 3D Applications in Graphic Design
  • Professional Development I
  • UX Design II
  • Web Design II
  • Creative & Critical Studies Electives
  • Studio Electives

In Year 4, take your final electives and Senior Studio and Thesis classes, and apply the skills you’ve learned to a final thesis project. Then get ready for your journey to post-graduation success!

  • Publication Design
  • Design Systems
  • Time Based Design
  • Professional Practices in Graphic Design
  • Professional Development II (Internship)
  • Graphic Design Thesis
  • Creative & Critical Studies Electives

Take the next steps!

We're looking forward to meeting you and telling you more about the undergraduate Graphic Design program at Moore.