Academic Excellence

Strive for Faculty Excellence across all College programs by supporting shared governance, attracting and supporting full time, adjunct and visiting faculty, and utilizing external partnerships to strengthen existing resources.

  • Continue to partner with Faculty Forum on areas of mutual interest for the benefit of the College and the strengthening of shared governance. (AA)

  • Increase the diversity of faculty, guest lecturers, Faculty Fellow, guest critics and artists through recruitment, programming, exhibitions and curriculum. (AA)
  • Attract and provide support resources to dedicated, quality full time and adjunct faculty who are fully engaged in the college, provide high quality instruction, and are professionally active in their field. (AA)
  • Use visiting professorships/visiting fellowships to bring extraordinary faculty to Moore to collaborate with our students and faculty and bring recognition to Moore. (AA)
  • More clearly define excellence in professional activity and meaningful faculty professional development activity and dedicate more resources to support both. (AA)
  • Provide financial, space and support resources for faculty collaboration. (AA, F&A)
  • Recruit institutional, business and academic partners that support and enhance classroom instruction and ensure that faculty engage in the community while also creating a robust learning experience for students. (AA)
  • Update Academic Facilities (F&A)
  • Actively seek and achieve a more diverse, inclusive, and global community of students and faculty (AA)
  • Develop strategies and timelines to de-colonize –and make more dynamic and future-facing –curriculum (AA)\
  • Differentiate and deploy strategies for ongoing, continuing faculty development for both part-time and full-time faculty (AA)
  • Continue to create/pursue Faculty Fellows such as AICAD Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowships, the Walentas Endowed Fellowship, and other Fellows who can bring different focus and expertise to the college’s academic vision and community (AA)
  • Set clear goals for speakers, critics, and other academic visitors to support the college mission of diversity, curricular review and re-imagination (AA)
  • Develop a vision statement for the delivery and modality of courses, teaching, and learning in the future that includes on campus, online, synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid courses. Emphasize this as an asset and resource to recruit, retain, and support dynamic and self-sufficient learners and researchers, artists and designers (AA)
  • Develop and support more integrated and collaborative models for creating annual semester schedules, including “free zones” for interdisciplinary, jointly planned and endorsed electives for students from different areas, interests, and programs (AA)
  • Make a commitment to the professionalization of the Staff Council. Highlight the significant role that professional staff play in the mission of the college. Connect the purpose of their work with the mission/goals of the college (AA)
  • Re-organize the Academic Affairs Organizational Chart to reflect both an impactful interior logic, as well as a focused and engaging external representation (AA)
  • Continue to support the development of the Connelly Library as an ambitious, active, and digitally connected academic library (AA)
  • Develop a five- to ten-year plan for Educational and Studio-based technologies (AA)
  • Create a vibrant, coordinated center of future work (established and emerging), entrepreneurship, and the business of art, design, and self-representation and professional networking (such as LinkedIn’s Career Explorer tool to steer students toward new roles that align with their skills but may be in a different industry or area they hadn’t previously considered) (AA)
  • Develop strong and persistent relationships with external advisors, organizations, and partnerships that affiliate with creative areas, as well as a new center of professional networking and development (AA)
  • Conduct an ambitious Area Review on the future of Continuing Education as a unique extension program for learners of all ages and diverse background. Create new and different paths and opportunities of affiliation and credentialization through Moore (AA)
  • Build Strategic Enrollment Management plan that accounts for changing demographics, shifting demands, and retention to increase full time enrollment (Admissions)
  • Evaluate and update current assessments process for admissions to the BFA program (Admissions)
  • Consistently conduct market research on the feasibility of new programs that supports enrollment growth in both the BFA and Graduate Programs (AA)
  • In collaboration with consultant, support workshops to help examine and expand faculty hiring policies and processes in order to hire a more diverse faculty. (EO and AA)