— by Mellany Armstrong, Associate Director of Communications

In an event that gives new meaning to "devouring literature," Moore students participated in the International Edible Book Festival April 1 by showing their delicious creations in an online event.

Students from the Book, Box, Portfolio and The Printed Word classes came together on the video conferencing platform Zoom to show in food form what their favorite books are. They made cakes, cookies, cupcakes and Jell-O creations for titles such as Goodnight MoonPride and Prejudice and Jaws. Normally the entries are presented in a festive way in a classroom at Moore, with participants getting to eat the creations, many of which contained puns.

"Under the circumstances, I think they did an amazing job," said organizer Tara O'Brien, an adjunct professor of Graphic Design. "Now that they are at home (because of the coronavirus), they were excited to have their kitchens available."

O'Brien said even with access to a kitchen, the assignment was still challenging. Social distancing made it tough to go out to get ingredients, so students were encouraged to make do with what they had on hand.

Zonnel Magante got fancy, making French macarons in red and varying shades of green to illustrate The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Her diorama included foods the caterpillar ate before he turned into a butterfly, such as a strawberry and slice of orange.

Gummy sharks swam in blue Jell-O, menacing Sour Patch Kids on a Rice Krispies beach in Katie Rosenberger's edible book version of Jaws.

Daniela Balducci had to improvise for her entry for the scary story The Green Ribbon from the book In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories.

"I went into the kitchen this morning, and I was going to make this, and my dad said, 'P.S. I  ate all the stuff,'" Balducci said. "I was like, this is not even funny." She ended up making a sketch of the cake she had planned to make.

Senior Madison Phillips seemed to sum up how everyone felt after the presentations were finished.

"This was a lot of fun," she said. "I think we all needed this."

Participants included:

Book, Box, Portfolio class

Christa Faas

Faith Hoysted

Julia Parrick

Kaitlyn Newman

Kalista Bracey

Lucie Allen

Madison Phillips

Sara Johnson


The Printed Word class

Daniela Balducci

Annais Delgado

Lindsey Dugger

Iliana Flores

Wilder Francone

Chloe Gruzca

Christina Ives

Emily Konczewski

Zonnel Jane Magante

Vylette Mcknight

Adri Moore

Alina Naumchuk

Abby Obfenda

Theresa Oskowiak

Bella Piagentini

Katie Rosenberger

Emma Selby