— by Erin Winward '20, Fashion Design and Business Minor

By Erin Winward '20, Fashion Design Major and Business Minor

This body of work is titled Nature Goddess, inspired by and relating to my senior fashion collection, Mademoiselle

This project was for my welding class and it was our nature project because of the changes to the syllabus from the corona epidemic. Our objective was to go out in nature and find objects from outside to use in an art piece of our choosing.

This project is a wearable jewelry necklace statement piece that incorporates elements from nature such as wood sticks, dried leaves and stones. By combining these natural elements along with manmade objects such as wire, beads and ribbon, I feel this piece successfully balances both sides of these spectrums while also tying into my senior thesis. This piece is meant to be worn and bring you back to nature while invoking your inner goddess.