— by Gabi Stevenson, Communications Manager

Associate Professor of Fashion Design and Interior Design Heather Ujiie was recently featured in "You Oughta Know," a PBS web series highlighting events in the Philadelphia area. Ujiie is one of five women artists participating in the (re)FOCUS Artfronts exhibition, which uses empty storefronts as a backdrop for feminist art. 

"The Artfronts Partnership is a public art project. It's a partnership between the business and arts communities, in which artists are commissioned to transform empty storefronts into illuminated, exciting art spaces called 'artfronts,'" curator Marsha Moss told PBS.

Ujiie's piece, titled Polarity, is made up of two embellished figures designed to represent themes of divinity and womanhood.

"It's really about the divine feminine, about the dualities that exist within the universe," Ujiie said. "I didn't want this to be too serious of a piece. I wanted it to be playful, but at the same time, speaking to very serious concepts around femininity."

Watch the full segment here.