When Apr 27 4:00 PM

Please join Moore College of Art & Design's Socially Engaged Art Master's Candidates Claire Eide and Megan Galardi for a conversation with Impractical Spaces as we discuss artist-led projects across the country, exploring themes of collaboration and access in art making spaces.

Impractical Spaces is a collaborative national project and groundbreaking anthology of publications that offers a historical look at defunct and active artist-run projects throughout the United States. As an archive, Impractical Spaces challenges the idea of the city center as the hub for all relevant artistic activity by celebrating the elastic resilience of the artistic spirit.


Dulcee Boehm is an artist and writer based in the Midwest. In performative and object-based works particular attention is paid to country culture, bodies, farm work and food. Boehm has exhibited in a variety of contexts from the former Mess Hall (2012) in Chicago, Illinois to an old cattle barn at Grin City (2014) in Grinnell, Iowa. Boehm co-founded a nomadic residency & exhibition program called Say Uncle in 2015 and a symposium in 2018, called Beyond Alternatives, which focused on artist-led projects outside of large metropolitan areas. Boehm was a staff member at Ox-Bow School of Art for many years, and currently is a Visiting Professor at Grand Valley State University.

Cory Imig is an artist, educator, and arts administrator. Imig has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across the United States, in spaces such as Savannah College of Art and Design Museum of Art and Southwest School of Art in San Antonio. She has also attended residencies at Art Omi International Art Center and ACRE. Imig was a founding member of PLUG Projects (2011-2015), a curatorial collaboration in the Stockyards District of Kansas City, as well as Say Uncle (2015-2018), which was a 3-year nomadic residency and exhibition program in Central Illinois. She was a founder of Beyond Alternatives, a symposium which focused on artist-led projects happening outside of large metropolitan areas.

Paddy Johnson is the founding editor of the contemporary art blog Art F City and a freelance writer and arts consultant. With Nancy Kleaver, she runs PARADE, a non-profit arts organization that commissions civically engaged art in Queens. She was the first recipient of the Arts Writers Grant for blogging in 2008, and a two-time nominee for Best Critic at the Rob Pruitt Awards in 2009 and 2010. She won the Village Voice Web Award for best Art Blog in 2010 and in 2011. Paddy has contributed to The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Economist, CNN, VICE, Gizmodo, Observer, The Art Newspaper, Hyperallergic. She was a columnist for Artnet, The L Magazine, and Art in America. In 2014, she was the subject of a VICE profile. She teaches new media art and writing in New York, where she lives with her partner.

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Questions? Contact Megan Galardi at mgalardi@moore.edu

About the Hosts

Megan Galardi

Megan is an arts researcher and advocate from Philadelphia, PA. She has an undergraduate degree in Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College. She is interested in themes of creative placemaking and the way that the arts can shape cities and communities. Her research focuses on artist run spaces and grassroots arts organizations in Philadelphia.

Claire Eide

Claire is an art educator and historian from unceded Sauk and Meskwaki land known as Des Moines, Iowa. She holds a B.A. in History with a focus on colonial theory from Grinnell College and continues to research colonial processes especially as it relates to art accessibility in rural places. Her academic and pedagogical pursuits are grounded in collaboration and process-based making.