When Jul 30 5:00 PM

Join us on Friday, July 30 from 5 - 7 pm in celebration of two new exhibitions:
Alicia Grullón: 
From March to June: At Home with Essential Workers 

Kay S. Healy: Pile


Meet the artists and be among the first to experience Healy's installation of handmade fiber art in our storefront gallery window on Race Street, as well as Grullón's photographs, prints, and videos resulting from various recent performative projects.


Pile presents over one hundred screen printed, painted, and stuffed fabric objects that represent the complexities and cacophonous nature of the past year. Every piece in the exhibition has a story, many of which were inspired by interviews Healy conducted with people describing objects that captured their experiences and recent memories of the pandemic. Healy will present a brief artist talk at 6 pm.


Grullón’s self-portrait series, “From March to June: At Home with Essential Workers” is a continuation of her process using visual and embodied performative practices to create alternatives in archiving history. Reminiscent of the work of Anna Deavere Smith and Martha Wilson, Grullón performative traditions with her own practices in photography and video in her ongoing interdisciplinary practice towards critiques of the politics of presence, arguing for the inclusion of disenfranchised communities in political and social spheres. As she notes in her short piece for Verso Book’s Blog Hot City, “In my work I want to encourage viewers to reflect upon my performances as particular processes where I express the undoing of colonial history through my body and actions. In a broader sense, I use photography to unravel the complexities of my signification in a straightforward manner relying only on the camera and performance as apparatus.”


Image, right: Kay Healy, detail of Pile, 2021, screen printed, painted, and stuffed fabric objects. Left: Alicia Grullón, photo from the series From March to June: At Home with Essential Workers, 2021. Both images courtesy of the artist.