When Oct 10 - Oct 17

Each year, students in Moore's MFA program exhibit work that has grown out of their first year with influences drawn from their personal research and experience moving through the program’s curriculum. Courses in material research have exposed them to a wide range of making, practical classes have taken them into the city’s cultural offerings and opened up how artists organize, and seminars in art history and ethics have posed questions and provided context for their explorations moving forward.

From October 10 – October 17, The Galleries presents the work of Qiaira Riley. Riley is a Sagittarius, fourth-generation Chicago native and interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. She is currently a Socially Engaged Studio Art MFA candidate exploring archiving, Black women's cooking phenomenology and ancestral veneration. Riley's most recent work is the Princess Pamela Project, a community cooking series, where she recreates each recipe from a vintage soul food cookbook twelve times with twelve different people.

IMAGE: Qiaira Riley, Internet Friends, 2020, Instagram Live series. Courtesy of the artist.