Are you a TikTok or YouTube editing pro? Do you collect films from the Criterion Collection? Dreaming of a career working on a busy film set or directing performers from behind the camera?

Film & Digital Cinema might be the Moore major for you.


  • ACCESS: In an industry that needs more stories from women, nonbinary and trans creators, you’ll learn the technical and on-the-job skills you need to share your voice and make an impact.
  • CREDENTIALS: Your industry experience begins on the very first day of class, thanks to one-on-one instruction from supportive and knowledgeable faculty and use of state-of-the-art equipment and spaces, like our new film studio and editing bays.
  • CAREER: Get a head start thanks to our co-op experience, designed specifically for Film & Digital Cinema majors, which includes a paid field internship between your junior and senior years, and a working apprenticeship during senior year—your first taste of real-world job experience!

Explore and select from a variety of exciting electives, including:

  • Performance and the Lens: explore the relationships between body and space, performer and viewers, and performer and technology
  • Storyboarding: get the necessary skills and techniques for translating a script into images
  • Art of Storycrafting: convey your unique story through techniques like plot design, character development, world building, foreshadowing, expositions and more
  • 3D Fabrication for Props and Sets: design and create environments and props for application in the entertainment industry
  • Performance and the body: learn about the use of the physical body in the production of expressive art since 1960

Film & Digital Cinema graduates have so many opportunities, and Philadelphia is home to numerous production houses, film festivals, media centers, recording studios and more. Look forward to an exciting career working at one or more of these companies and organizations:

Production Houses:
Film Festivals:
Media Centers, Recording Studios and More:

Check out some recent student artwork!

Take Advantage of Our Expansive Film Facilities and Equipment

Film class taking place in Graham auditorium with professor and students sat in a circle on the stage.

Film Studio & Graham Auditorium

Fully equipped with various types of lighting, a cyclorama curtain, green screen, sound board, flat-screen TV, cameras and essential classroom resources, paired with a 300-seat auditorium for screening and showcasing work

Film student wearing a hat looking at their camera

Professional Shooting Studio

Fully equipped with a Hasselblad H5D-50 50MP camera, colored backdrops, green screen, strobes, hot lights and other accessories

Cameras on a shelf in the equipment cage

Equipment Cage

Rent the same equipment the pros use, such as professional Canon SLRs and mirrorless cameras up to 45 megapixels, Prosumer DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras, film SLR cameras, 4 x 5 film cameras, HD video cameras, tripods, and audio accessories like digital audio recorders, boom mics, gimbal stabilizers, and more

A professor and student working on a project in the stop-motion studio

Stop-Motion Studio

Complete with all of the equipment you need to experiment with stop-motion animation and develop industry-standard skills

A student working on an animation project

Editing Bays

Private spaces for independent film and video editing work in our new VAULT space

Students in a computer lab

Computer Labs

Everything you need for digital work: 27” iMacs, Epson P800 17”x22” inkjet printers, Epson V750 scanners for film scanning and neutral color temperature viewing booths


Watch our Meet Your Major: Film & Digital Cinema video to take a deeper dive into everything this program has to offer!

Film Core Curriculum

In Year One you will begin to explore and experiment with media making, working collaboratively and independently with digital cameras, sound-recording devices and non-linear editing software.

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Foundation Drawing I
  • Drawing for Visual Communication OR Creative Design
  • Visual Thinking
  • Color Theory
  • Film Core: Intro to Film & Digital Cinema
  • Writing Workshop I & II
  • Art History I & II 

In Year Two you will take classes on sound design, editing, cinematography and screenwriting, continuing your hands-on learning. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with a local organization such as a production house, film festival, equipment rental house or sound studio.

  • Film Theory & History I
  • Cinematography
  • Screenwriting I
  • Editing I
  • Production Audio and Sound Design
  • Directing Fiction
  • Modern Art History Course
  • Non-Western Art History
  • Gender, Race, Class & Power

In Year Three you will focus on various aspects of aesthetic and technical skill building by creating individual and collaborative projects and taking upper-level classes that lead to your summer internship experience.

  • Film Theory and History II
  • Screenwriting II
  • Directing Documentary
  • Directing Experimental/New Media
  • Producing & Business Development
  • Theory, Criticism & Aesthetics
  • Professional Development I
  • Creative & Critical Studies Electives
  • Art History Electives
  • Studio Electives

In Year Four you will create an ambitious capstone thesis film and learn about project management, securing funding, marketing and distribution—skills you’ll rely on throughout your entire career in the industry.

  • Senior Project I and Thesis Prep
  • Senior Project II and Thesis Writing
  • Professional Development II
  • Theory, Criticism & Aesthetics
  • Creative & Critical Studies Electives
  • Art History Electives
  • Open Electives

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