Go beyond the smartphone and learn to share stories that will prepare you for a career in the industry. Start in screening and production classrooms, gain access to professional cinema equipment, move into post production studios and an animation lab, and go right back to the screening rooms to showcase your work, including the 300-seat Graham Auditorium. Gain critical and technical skills to adapt to advancing technologies and be leaders in the field currently emerging as the most ubiquitous form of art, culture and communication. 

As an incoming student in fall 2021, you'll have the option to major in this brand-new program, after your first-year Foundation program and a structured sophomore year.

Meet your Major video coming soon...

In addition to the four-year standalone Bachelors of Fine Arts program, students from all majors will have the opportunity to pursue a Master of Arts in Film at Moore as well, thanks to our 4+1 program.

  • Greater Philadelphia Film Office
  • alkemy x
  • NFL Films
  • 9.14 Pictures
  • Keystone Pictures
  • Glass Entertainment Group
  • M. Night Shyamalan’s Production Company, Blinding Edge Pictures
  • BlackStar Film Festival
  • Philadelphia Film Festival
  • PhillyCam
  • Scribe Video Center
  • Feature films, television, and streaming series shooting in Greater Philadelphia, New York, or Los Angeles. Recent films shot in Philadelphia include Glass, The Upside, Creed, Silver Linings Playbook, and Quest.

Film Core Curriculum

  • Foundation Design I & II
  • Foundation Drawing I & II
  • Visual Thinking
  • Color Theory
  • Film Core: Intro to Film & Digital Cinema
  • Writing Workshop I & II
  • Art History I & II 

  • Film Theory and History
  • Cinematography 1 
  • Screenwriting 1 
  • Editing 1 
  • Production Audio and Sound Design 1 
  • Fiction 1
  • Modern & Contemporary Art History Course
  • Non-Western Art History
  • Interpreting History
  • Cultural Collisions and Transformations

  • Film Theory and History 2
  • Screenwriting 2
  • Canon, Concepts, and Creation: Documentary 
  • Canon, Concepts, and Creation: Experimental/New Media
  • Junior Directing/Fiction 2
  • Producing & Business Development
  • Theory, Criticism & Aesthetics
  • Professional Development I
  • Liberal Arts Electives
  • Studio Electives

  • Senior Project 1 and Thesis Prep 
  • Finding Funding Your Work
  • Senior Project 2 and Thesis Writing 
  • Distributing Your Work
  • Cultivating Practical Skillsets Colloquium 
  • Professional Development II
  • Liberal Arts Electives
  • Studio Electives