Sooo…why are we talking about life after Moore when you haven’t even gotten here yet? 🤔

In addition to all of the wonderful people you'll meet, the life-changing classes you'll take, and the many ways in which you'll grow as a creative citizen, going to Moore is really about what happens after you graduate. 

Our dedicated faculty and staff are all rooting for your success and are here to provide you with the skills, tools and resources you need to achieve your dreams. It's a big part of the reason that 97% of our 2022 alumni are employed or in graduate school just one year after graduation, with a whopping 91% already working in their fields of study.* 

From the moment you arrive on campus, you'll understand why Moore is an investment in your future. 😎 Scroll down to see how we'll help you get there, and to read about some super successful Moore alumni.

Photo: Sophia DeMers '22, Fashion Design, at her internship with the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.

* Percentages based on an 83% survey response rate.

Sophie DeMers ’22, Fashion Design working at her internship

The resources available to me at Moore are helping me in my journey to become a better artist, and providing me with the tools that I need to transform my passion into a successful career following my graduation.



One of the great things about this place is that it will be there to support you forever. (And we mean forever, literally.)

Our Locks Career Center staff will help you secure an exciting (paid!) internship between your junior and senior year, and provide tons of skill-based resources and programs as you prepare to enter your field—everything from resume-building support to mock interviews and speed mentoring with Moore alumni.

But that's not all! The Career Center's dedicated staff will be there for you at every stage of your career—a lifelong resource that comes with being a Moore alum. You'll have access to useful information about jobs, grants, residencies, exhibitions, competitions, freelance, e-commerce and other business opportunities, and resources on the best professional practices in the fields of art and design. You'll also stay connected to your fellow alumni through in-person events and online platforms, which may open doors in the future.

Pictured: Speed mentoring session between Moore students and alumni at the 2023 Alumni Reunion. Photo: Claudia Rubio '24.

Students and Alumni network at the 2023 Alumni Reunion

Moore introduced me to the real life of the work. It really pushed my boundaries and my skills. I think this prepared me to be in the real world and know how to deal with challenges.



Career skills are also baked into the curriculum at Moore, starting with your very first classes.

Foundation classes, which make up your first year of study, will cultivate your creative problem-solving skills, and Creative & Critical Studies classes will enhance your abilities to communicate, discuss and write about your work and the work of others—all part of a vital groundwork for becoming a marketable artist or designer.

Classes in your major will teach you how to navigate your future field through classroom lessons, field trips, and opportunities to network with working artists and designers. (And don't be afraid to pick your professor's brain whenever possible. They all started out just like you, and they know things.)

Many majors also offer on-the-job experience, like Fashion Design's costume design collaboration with the Philadelphia Ballet and Film & Digital Cinema's new co-op program, launching this year. Get pumped.

Pictured: Moore Fashion Design students fit a costume with a dancer from the Philadelphia Ballet. Photo: Vikki Sloviter.

Moore Fashion Design students working on a costume for the PA Ballet


From boutique firms doing innovative work to Fortune 500 companies, our graduates are in demand, both within their fields of study and across industries. Take a peek at where some of our recent alumni have landed.

We put students in touch with employers who are dedicated to fostering this community of creatives on their way into the industry. Our mission is to hand you the megaphone.



You may have heard by now that Moore is the *only* art and design college that guarantees every student a paid internship—and we’re going to keep reminding you. But let's talk about why a paid internship is so valuable. 🧐

An internship will give you relevant career experience before you even graduate, which means you'll have an advantage in the market after graduation. You’ll also make important and lasting connections, which is the kind of thing that comes in handy when you’re looking for a job.

In fact, a lot of Moore alums end up getting their first jobs through their internships, like Tyler Shea '19, an Internship All-Star who turned her experience at Philadelphia graphic design firm Push10 into a major job opportunity. 

Photo: Tyler Shea '19 during her internship at Push10.

Tyler Shea ’19, Graphic Design

Go with the flow and be open to learning. You don't know what you don't know yet. Quite frankly, [my internship at] Entro changed the course of my future.

DANIELA BALDUCCI '22, GRAPHIC DESIGN On how her internship at environmental design agency Entro changed her career aspirations


Moore students also have opportunities to apply for fellowships and awards, which provide crucial financial support toward pursuing career goals.

This includes Internship Fellowships (go above and beyond the traditional internship!), Travel Fellowships (get outta here and explore the world!), and Leadership Fellowships (become the very best version of you!).

Before graduating, you can also apply for a competitive senior award, to give you a boost as you make the transition from college to your next chapter.

Photo: Chianna Mac '20, Illustration and Sarah Barden '20, Animation & Game Arts during their October 2019 trip to South Korea, funded by the Sis Grenald Women’s Leadership Fellowship Award and the Juror’s Recognition Award.

AGA students on a studio visit

I had always been full of ideas, but these ideas were often channeled through others. Being at Moore was a wonderful opportunity to explore who I was and build my confidence.



Moore alumni do some really amazing things. We’re talking superhero-level.

We want to shout alumni accomplishments from the rooftops—so we do! Our Alumni Heroes series features recent alumni who are using the skills and knowledge they learned at Moore to make big splashes in their fields. 

Alumni Heroes have done it all, whether it's landing a job at Nickelodeon to winning Project Runway to being celebrated by the one and only OPRAH. They're an awe-inspiring bunch—and they all started out as Moore students.

Maybe you're a future Alumni Hero? We definitely think so.

Pictured: Michelle Angela Ortiz '00, Fine Arts, in front of one of her murals. Photo: Mariana Fernandez Project.

Michelle Angela Ortiz ’00, Fine Arts standing in front of her mural
Superhero themed graphic with five Moore alumni heroes.

Your professors, the Locks Career Center, even your peers, your classmates—they're all going to be valuable resources in the future. It's definitely a community that always stays connected, even if we're not even thinking about it. I'm so happy that I got to be a part of it. I feel like it really changed who I was as a person and helped me develop as a professional.

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