What’s New in 2024

Moore is on the move, and we have so many exciting things to tell you about before you arrive.

Enter the VAULT

Ask any person at Moore about the most exciting change to our campus this past year, and they'll each tell you the same thing: When you come to Moore, you've GOT to check out the VAULT.

The VAULT features state-of-the-art technology and equipment that will prepare you for your future career. And, because we all need to decompress now and then, it also has a (drumroll, please)...✨gaming lounge✨. (Mario Kart marathon, anyone?)

Are you a future animator, graphic designer, digital illustrator, interior designer, film editor or game designer? You'll feel right at home in our animation labs, editing bays, and stop-motion animation studio, using Wacom Cintiqs, new Macs and PCs, and large-format and film scanners to create incredible art and design work. 

If you're a future sculptor, ceramicist, fine artist—or just someone who likes to get their hands dirty—you'll love our spacious classrooms and studios for sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, metal work and plaster.

Scroll to see images of the VAULT and then schedule a tour of Moore’s campus to see the VAULT in person!

Left: Students enjoy the VAULT Gaming Lounge. Photo: Steve Weinik.

A More Flexible FOUNDATION

Every Moore student takes Foundation classes in their first year, which provide the groundwork for a future successful career thanks to courses in design, visual thinking, color theory and more.

Starting this year, Foundation year is more flexible than ever!

In your very first semester, get a sneak preview of your major in your Bridge-to-Major class and dive right into the field of your choice!

Then, in your second semester, choose between Drawing Strategies or Creative Design—whatever is most relevant to you, depending on your career path!

Photo: Steve Weinik.

New Minor: COMICS

Calling all Marvel and DC fanatics, graphic novel collectors and Garfield aficionados! 😸

Explore a lucrative and influential field that's always in demand! In our new Comics minor, you'll learn how to create visual narratives for print and screen through the use of imagery, design, color and type. You'll also cultivate the drawing, graphic design and narrative design skills necessary to tell a compelling story, with courses like Sequential Illustration & Personal Narrative and Storyboarding.

Why take on a minor? Minors give you the flexibility to customize your studies and the freedom to explore your personal interests while expanding your skill set! In addition to Comics, we have 11 exciting minor options: Animation & Game Arts, Art History, Business, Creative Writing, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Photography and Textile Design.

We can't wait to see what you create! 🦸‍♀️

Right: Dylan B. Caleho '19, Illustration.


As a future working artist or designer, it's important to develop soft skills that employers seek: creative problem-solving, communication, cross-cultural awareness and more. You'll distinguish yourself from the competition, thanks to our Creative & Critical Studies program.

You'll take CCS courses alongside courses in your major, fueling your imagination and inspiring your studio work. After art history and writing workshops in the first year you’ll take our newest course, Gender, Race, Class and Power, in your second year: a uniquely interdisciplinary class that emphasizes diversity, equity, inclusion and access.

Junior and senior-level electives are designed around your interests—everything from creative writing to Afrofuturism, to the economics of starting a small business.

In all CCS classes, you'll discuss media, collaborate with others, learn how to talk about your work with an audience, and tackle issues you'll encounter in your future industry—all of which will make you a more marketable artist!

Left: Creative & Critical Studies writing workshop. Photo: Steve Weinik.

Meet Our New Faculty

At Moore, we're proud to boast a 7:1 student to faculty ratio, which means lots of one-on-one attention for you inside and outside of the classroom throughout your time here! Your faculty will be the very first connections in your future professional network and will introduce you to new concepts and ideas, expanded ways of thinking, and the tools and skills that will come in handy one day when you're a working artist or designer! We're excited to introduce you to three new faculty members who will help you make the most of your time at Moore:

Programs: Illustration and Foundation

Fun Fact: Several pieces of Chris' artwork were featured on Showtime's The L Word: Generation Q.

Believes the Moore Mascot Should Be: "A unicorn. Unicorns are fierce, beautiful, and graceful—things that I think Moore embodies through its various programs, from Illustration to Fashion Design."

Read more about Chris' studio practice, teaching style and TV cameo

Program: Film & Digital Cinema

Fun Fact: In addition to filmmaking, Stephanie is a published poet who's been writing since she was a child.

Believes the Moore Mascot Should Be: "A bog—they are carbon sinks and places of incredible diversity. They do so much! Fecund and powerful!"

Read our Q&A with Stephanie

Program: Animation & Game Arts

Fun Facts: Kofi contributed to Netflix's animated short Cops and Robbers and plays lo-fi hip hop in the classroom.

Believes the Moore Mascot Should Be: "A Wawa sammie." (IYKYK.)

Read our Q&A with Kofi

Hello, UELO

You already know that 100% of Moore students receive a $1,000 paid internship between their junior and senior years. But what if you'd like to prepare for your creative career in a way that's a little more…unique?

Now you can! Moore's Unique Experiential Learning Opportunity (UELO) program provides a tailored, project-based experience that may not look like a traditional internship but that still provides valuable career prep!

You'll work with a professional mentor and develop a one-on-one relationship that will be useful for years to come. Networking opportunities and skill-building will help you envision what it means to be a working artist or designer—and you'll have the most fun ever doing it.

Take it from Luna Wroblewski '24, Photography, who spent summer 2023 in Japan (!!!) through the UELO program. Luna researched traditional Japanese arts like tea ceremonies, katana making and bookbinding. Here's what she says about her experience:

"Having the chance to do a UELO gave me the opportunity to explore and discover. I got to meet so many wonderful people who inspired me to try new things in my photography. Being in Japan also gave me insight into another culture that I wouldn’t have experienced in the United States."

P.S. Stay tuned for the next frontier—CO-OPS! Read about it on our Film & Digital Cinema page.

Photo: Luna Wroblewski '24, Photography during her summer 2023 UELO trip to Japan.

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