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Ever wish your passion for art and design could become the thing you do for a living?

That you could be surrounded by people who share your interests and goals, in a nurturing environment that supports you in building a career doing what you love? Well, you've found the right place. 

Welcome to Moore College of Art & Design. Our bright, airy and safe campus, located in Philadelphia's cultural district, is the perfect place for you to grow as a creative professional while having the time of your life. We're proud to offer an inclusive and innovative learning and living environment for women, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming artists and designers who want to build creative careers of significant impact in fields that need broader diversity and representation.

100% of Moore students receive some form of financial assistance, in either scholarships, grants or additional awards! That means more time spent focusing on your studies and less time worrying about how to pay for college.

In other words: You're really going to love it here.

Photo: Kat Kendon.


Moore's intentionally small size is a HUGE asset to our students.

We boast a 7:1 student to faculty ratio, which means tons of personalized attention in the classroom. All Moore faculty members possess an incredible combination of technical skill and real-world expertise. In the past year alone, Moore faculty have had work featured on television shows, won book awards, ventured on art-fueled road trips, designed clothes for celebrities…the list goes on. 

Moore faculty will encourage you to strive for excellence while prioritizing creative exploration and self-expression. They’ll be your coaches AND your proud fans as you grow your potential and succeed in achieving your goals. 

Our staff are also here to provide you with an individualized experience. You'll get to know everyone from Student Affairs staff to the friendly folks at Sage Dining who make our delicious meals. They might even memorize your order at the Moore Café.

Photo: Steve Weinik.

I love the education I am receiving here. Students are encouraged by their instructors to develop their skills, as well as their style, and advocate for social change through art and design. Besides the extraordinary community at Moore, I am also surrounded by amazing artists who inspire me and make me want to work harder.

OLUYEMISI AJAYI '23, Art History


We’re a pretty supportive bunch here at Moore.

You'll notice our warm and inviting atmosphere as soon as you step foot onto campus. There's a place for everyone here. We value diversity, equity and inclusion, and it's our culture that will make your experience special. Plus, the friends you meet at Moore will be your friends for life.

Some ideas for making the most of your time at Moore? Explore Philadelphia's countless cultural attractions. Join one of the many student clubs focused on diversity, major-specific interests, entertainment and more. Attend events like Late Night Breakfast, eat cake on Sarah Peter Day, and attend a yoga class…taught by Moore’s president, Cathy Young!

And, if you don't already, be prepared to take Halloween VERY seriously. 👻👽🎃

Photo: Claudia Rubio '24.


Everyone at Moore works hard to make sure you turn your passion into a paycheck.

Moore students learn skills that are crucial to landing a great gig after college, thanks to our career-focused curriculum and Locks Career Center. You’ll be trained to get and excel at the job you want.

Did you know that 97% of 2022 Moore grads are already working or enrolled in graduate school just one year after graduation? A whopping 91% are already working in their field of study!* 🏆 PLUS: 100% of Moore students receive a paid internship opportunity, which often leads to a first job offer or a connection that can kick start your career!

After you graduate, you'll join 175 years (!) of trailblazing Moore alumni, including Project Runway winners, Emmy Award–winning costume designers, and Pulitzer Prize–winning photographers. Moore alumni shape new creative fields, make waves as successful entrepreneurs, and change the world. One day, that's going to be you.

Photo: Kia Weatherspoon '10, Interior Design (center), entrepreneur and founder of Determined by Design.

* Percentages based on an 83% survey response rate.

One of the things that makes Moore so special is its ability to be so progressive, and a safe place for young creatives, for women and nonbinary and trans individuals, giving them opportunities to be in fields where they are underrepresented. Moore is also constantly evaluating the creative fields, opening up new avenues for students. I really don't know of any other place like that.

MELISSA OJEDA '15, Photography


Still wondering if Moore is right for you? There's an easy way to find out.

If you're a high school student who's still wondering about Moore or art school in general, sign up for the Summer Art & Design Institute (aka SADI), a four-week pre-college experience for creative young women and nonbinary students. Whether you’re new to art or trying to flesh out a portfolio, SADI has an experience that’s just right for you! Learn from Moore's award-winning faculty, utilize our state-of-the-art facilities and get a taste of the college experience, alongside young artists and designers just like you.

Photo: Marina Sasaki, SADI 2023 student.

I didn’t feel welcomed in a lot of spaces in my high school. Then, coming here, I loved Moore so much that I wanted to be involved. I've grown so much as a leader, and it’s helped me take on more responsibility, learn how to balance and tackle things. I am a completely different person than I was when I walked in here four years ago.

LILY SCHARFF '23, Fine Arts


We promise we’re not trying to be cheesy.

Our tagline is "The World Needs Moore," and we say this to underscore the value of our programs and the potential of our graduates. We produce artists, designers, leaders and entrepreneurs that the market not only wants, but desperately needs.

In creative industries that have historically left out underrepresented voices and viewpoints, Moore students and alumni have the opportunity and skills to push those industries forward. That’s what it’s all about—and if that excites you, inspires you and motivates you, then you belong at Moore. It’s as simple as that.

Your voice is powerful. Your voice is needed. The world needs Moore because the world needs you.

Photo: Steve Weinik.

I loved being at Moore from the moment I visited. I knew it was the exact environment I wanted for my college education. It’s very open and nonjudgmental and good for expressing creativity and individuality. I’ve been able to grow my skill set so much, and the professors here are so great. They’ve taught me how to manage my time and how to express myself while engaging in challenging work. I am so glad I made the decision to come to Moore.

TAYLOR THOMAS '25, Illustration
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