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Anime is a Japanese pop subculture that many have come across during their childhoods in the 20th century. Its popularity has even grown beyond its primary audience of children, influencing young adults and older people through Japanese livelihood.

Japanese animated film presents itself in an array of genres: slice of life, action, romance and more. The intricate yet simple style has provided great first impressions of Japan, and one of the many things that has lured in  tourists from across the globe is food. Some say that food in anime is portrayed as more delicious than how it is served in real life. Most dishes that are prepared in these animated shows and films derive from Japanese culture, so to no surprise, the audience will drool over their cuisine.

For my thesis project, I decided to create a food identity called "Itadakimasu!," a phrase that means "let's eat," which is often said before a meal in Japanese culture to show thankfulness. Illustration supports a design system that celebrates Japanese cuisine through its pop subculture, anime. As anime meets design in this project, there are countless possibilities in transforming this restaurant into a memorable brand. 

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As part of her thesis presentation, Zonnel created collateral materials demonstrating the mobile interface for the restaurant, which include menus and ordering personalization options.

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