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I love thinking about how people can use their unique skills to make revolutionary ideas more accessible. So, naturally, my interest in sustainability has bled into my work as a designer. I hadn't had the opportunity to learn about sustainable packaging design before, so my original idea was to give it a shot! But, as my research evolved, I realized my work could be significantly more impactful if I organized the information I was finding for other designers to use as a resource. I was overwhelmed by what a can of worms this is and, unsurprisingly, found other designers are also held back by their lack of knowledge on the topic.

My thesis works to address how convoluted "sustainable" really is in the world of packaging. It's not just recycled paper or avoiding plastic. We also have to consider accessible disposal methods for the target audience while simultaneously challenging the single-use cultural norm. My thesis is a package of living resources for designers that will continuously challenge even the most experienced package designer to move toward a better world.

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