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Alzheimers is a difficult disease to understand. Simply put, it is when one loses their memory over time—generally within a 7 year period. This can happen as early as 50. Alzheimers’ patients will need someone to help them with tasks or completely help them with living. As the disease progresses the Alzheimer victim will need care for every task, no matter how small. Caring for someone with this disease is challenging for both the caretaker and the patient. A caregiver is responsible for  simple task such as a reminder or primary care such as changing, feeding or lifting them. it can be a difficult job. Based on the stages of the disease patients can be incontinent or continent. Some talk and make full sentences, others don’t talk at all. While there are hard time there are also some good times—getting to sit and talk to them, The thank you, and I love you’s. This project documents the stories of caretakers through the vehicle of a book showcasing emotions as well as the background of Alzheimer disease.

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