BFA Graphic Design

Minor in Animation & Game Arts
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Artist Statement

Deconstructing Gender is an interactive poster series and accompanying zine that explore the social construct of gender and the trans experience. This series of artworks features various gender-nonconforming and trans individuals that were interviewed and photographed in order to visualize their journey with their gender identity. The accompanying zine serves as an informational source for learning more about gender fluidity. The purpose of this project is to not only question the gender binary and its origin, but also to move beyond it and celebrate the diversity and complexity of trans, gender-nonconforming and nonbinary experiences. Drawing from not only my personal experiences as a nonbinary individual but also from other gender-nonconforming people's experiences and perspectives, this project aims to visualize the complex and diverse feelings attached to gender expression and identity.

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Deconstructing Gender Zine, 2022, book, 6x9 inches, NFS

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