Photography & Digital Arts is a hybrid lens-based media arts major—our students’ projects fall into the categories of photography, video, animation, installation, and post-internet art. The thesis experience in this major is a rigorous process that starts in the fall semester with theoretical and material-based research that culminates in the spring with the presentation of a selection of the works that have been created throughout the year—as well as a substantial written thesis paper.

Click through the names in the navigation above the artwork to view each student's individual thesis work.

Header artwork: Makaela Noelle Ramirez-Faisca '21, Photography & Digital Arts

Makaela Ramirez-Faisca: Angela Murdoch ’10 Award for Professional Presentation and Accomplishment in Photography & Digital Art

Message from the sponsor to the awardee:

Dear Makaela – Congratulations to you! Well done on winning the Angela Murdoch award for 2020! It is my great pleasure to be involved with Moore College in the small way that I can and I hope it helps you. I have great memories of my time at Moore and I trust you will also. Moore was a great experience and the breadth of the subjects from the dedicated teachers/professors is a fabulous base to start with. All the best to you in your new artistic adventures! Best wishes from Australia! – Angela Murdoch ‘10 

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