Students in the four-year Animation & Game Arts (AGA) program have learned a variety of industry-relevant knowledge through their classwork, studio experimentation, and internships. Their abilities have developed over the course of their time at Moore, and now they will join professionals in their field with expertise in animation and storyboarding, hand and digital drawing, development of 2D character design and 3D environments, gaming strategies, proficiency in the use of art-making software and technology, and critical analysis of interactive culture.

Click through the names in the navigation above the artwork to view each student's individual thesis work.

Header Artwork: Greta Motter '21, Animation & Game Arts

Cassandra Silverman: JacobsWyper Award for Excellence in Animation & Game Arts
Laura Howard: Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Award for Best in Animation & Game Arts and the Marian Locks Senior Award

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