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I’m Jax, an artist from a small rural Virginia county. My work is fantasy-oriented, leaning also towards concept art and character design. I am inspired by the artwork in the pages of tabletop RPG rulebooks, like full-body character portraits or environmental concepts. I also struggle with chronic pain, and wish to incorporate that into my work.

In my thesis, I wanted to share pieces of a story I have written with people I love. Lialda, the subject of all of my pieces, is the character I played in a four-year-long tabletop roleplaying game adventure with friends I made in my very first year here at Moore; they are not students, but I do not think I would have met them had I not been here. Throughout the adventure, Lialda grew, and so did I. Her story, while vastly different, was a projection of my own: in accepting herself and moving past a faith and violence she no longer believed in, I learned to love and accept my identity without even realizing it. In "Lialda: Your Faith Wavers," I wanted to show mostly the oppressive nature of self-doubt and confusion at the crux at a journey.

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