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Artist Statement

Jump in and play around in the colorful, cartoony, cyberpunk city of Sefler. Just be on the lookout...he's listening. 

I designed Sandbox with "sandbox"-based level design for two purposes: first, so that visitors to the gallery could simply hop on, explore (without feeling obligated to complete and finish the entire game), and leave whenever they pleased; second, for those who REALLY wanted to dive in and get the 100% experience, so that they would be left with a giant toy box to explore for however long they pleased.

In recent years, my artistic interests have begun to sway heavily toward bright colors and neons. Sandbox reflects these influences, and it was a project I was happy to indulge those interests in, especially within a 3D space. With this game, I could explore converting the energy of graffiti and animated lights into an interactive experience unlike anything I have ever tackled before at Moore. Visit my website.


Visit Laura's website to see a demo of her thesis project, Sandbox, and visit other links to see more of her work.


Click through to enlarge and view detail artworks from Laura's thesis project.

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