During the senior year of Moore's Fine Arts BFA program, with the support of faculty advisors, students use the tools they have acquired in their time here to create a cohesive body of work in conjunction with a detailed written thesis. Over the past year, these students have spent countless hours in their studios experimenting and developing their ideas, while having them challenged in group critiques. One of the unique characteristics you will see in the work is the vast variety of techniques and concepts—students are given the freedom and space to explore multitudes of media and topics—this freedom creates unique interdisciplinary results that challenge traditional materials and concepts, leading to new, exciting artistic expression.

Click through the names in the navigation above the artwork to view each student's individual thesis work.

Header artwork: Carolina Marín Hernández ‘22, Fine Arts


Carolina Marín Hernández: Harriet Glashofer Jolles Memorial Prize in Fine Arts, Diana and Clarence Stern Award for Excellence in 3D Fine Art, Happy Fernandez Senior Leadership Prize

Leeanna Izquierdo: Diana and Clarence Stern Award for Excellence in 3D Fine Art: Honorable Mention

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