Moore’s Graphic Design students learn it all: advertorial composition, motion graphics, packaging, branding, print and web design, and eco-friendly printing options. Through workshops, critiques, studio tours and mentorship with our talented faculty, our graduates become perceptive designers who are able to grow with the continually evolving profession.

Click through the names in the navigation above the artwork to view each student's individual thesis work.

Header artwork: Brooke Friend '21, Graphic Design.

Madison Phillips: Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Award for Best in Graphic Design
Kal Bracey: Debra Stack ’92: Stack Creative Agency Award for Outstanding Portfolio in Graphic Design
Sara Johnson: Ann Williams ’91 Award for Best in Graphic Design

Christa Faas: Class of 2021 Valedictorian


Messages from the sponsors to the awardees:

Congratulations, Kal, for receiving the Stack Creative Agency Award for Outstanding Portfolio in Graphic Design! Wishing you the very best! I am sure this is just the beginning of many great achievements! Sincerely, Debra Stack
Fred Acker wrote to me after graduating from Moore in 1991. He wrote, “You have a fabulous career ahead of you and my every good wish for it’s complete fulfillment.” I pass his exact words on to Sara! – Ann Williams

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