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I believe in the extraordinary evidence of human creativity that can reshape systems in education. Education is supposed to help people learn the core values of life and better serve their communities for future generations. However, as the world's needs evolve, so do the demands for education and educational reforms. Although public education has helped millions, there remains a substantial number of people that the current system has failed and continues to do so. I chose to focus on children ages 5–10 because they're naturally curious and adaptable, so creating this public school will affect their long-term learning.

To help create learning environments that are conducive to all types of learning, I chose to focus on alternative learning methods. Alternative learning methods, such as the Waldorf or Montessori methods, are growing exponentially worldwide. Alternative learning supports the arts, music, dance and theater more than public schools. It helps build the confidence and drive of students seen as low achievers in a traditional learning model.

Innovation, flexibility, and interconnection will be inspired by flipped classrooms that allow students to take learning at their own pace. Maker-space classrooms, experiential learning, and overall keeping it fun and lively will encourage children to be the best version of themselves they want to be. 


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