BFA Fine Arts

Minor in Textile Design
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Artist Statement

Conceptually speaking, my work is influenced by my life experience. This includes but is not limited to my existence as a disabled queer person and the complex emotions and experiences that come along with those things. For this particular series of work I was interested in the ways in which I am perceived by the world and the intersection of those perceptions with how I view myself. These two ideas marry together within the work to create a distorted and manipulated image.

Materially speaking, I am interested in the ways I can capture imagery to then push, distress and transform through fibers. The process of making my work is often labor intensive, focusing on surface texture as a way to express warping of perception to those viewing my work. I seek to explore and expand surface texture in my soft sculpture pieces.

For this work, I take digital scans and transfer the images onto fabric in which I then sew, fill and manipulate. The process of capturing something in real life through a digital medium, then fabricating a physical object out of its captured image is a manipulation of the way these objects are perceived and presented. These objects and their process of presentation reflect the ways in which I am perceived in the world both from my hand in their creation and the viewers perception of them.



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