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Artist Statement

My love for fashion first manifested itself when I was in junior high school in China. The school required us to wear the same uniform every day and we were not allowed to grow our hair too long, among other issues related to appearance and dress, and these issues kept bothering me until I graduated from junior high school.

Why can't people wear something that expresses who they are? Why does society need to use uniforms as we grow up to hide our individuality?

To me, fashion is a language that introduces you to who you are without saying a word.

Through my fashion designs, I can reach out to all kinds of people, bring them to different cultures, bring them into the world of art, travel back in time and wander into the future.

About the Artwork

The subject of my graduation portfolio is "different eras that occurred in the same period in history." This is a subject that appeals to me. There are many things in history that we have experienced that sounded different from the same era. But it's happened at the same time.

I created a fictional space, choosing my personal favorite Renaissance era and the Qing Ming dynasty, which is related to my cultural background, combining the common points of the two civilizations from various aspects (such as architectural design, interior design, clothing, etc.) and also compatible to the differences of the two civilizations to enrich this fictional world. My works are based on how I think people in this fictional world would dress. 

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Click through to enlarge and view fashion designs from Jingji's thesis project. Photos: Naomieh Jovin '17.

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