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Artist Statement

While this work is inspired by psychedelics, the concepts that the work represents are larger than that. While creating, I thought very heavily about an object's relation to the space it exists in‚ more specifically a human's relation to the physical space their body occupies, as well the relation to other bodies in their environment. As humans are often caught in the energetic cycle that is capitalism (among other manmade, energy-consuming entities), leaving little time or space for one to invest that energy into themselves, it is forgotten how we connect to the Earth and universe around us. This work's intention is to offer the viewer an opportunity to experience a shift in headspace to view their own self from a different perspective.


This work was created using still images, video footage, and orchestral music, utilizing Photoshop and Premiere to edit the color, sound, speed, and scale. Through manipulation of these elements, this work simulates the visual and aural experiences one might have during a psychedelic trip.

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