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Black hair is as rich, complex and powerful as the people who possess it. Black hair has been part of American history since its infancy, yet it’s been on the constant forefront of discrimination, prohibition and outright criminalization. Black hair is an art form, a way people express their style, and a culture that was once lost to them, only to face alienation and ridicule in the eyes of those who don’t understand. When slaves were first captured from African countries and brought over to the United States, they had to find a way to take care of their hair without any of the natural substances that were available to them for its maintenance. Today, the Black hair industry is worth millions of dollars, and throughout the decades has eased its way into mainstream culture, despite still facing obstacles in the workplace, appropriation and representation in television and film. This project will be a linear navigation of the struggles Black people have faced with their hair in America. See more of Giovanna's work here.



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