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Artist Statement

Creating empowering pieces through the reclamation of past trauma and turmoil, fashion designer Nina Bonaduce has mastered the art of telling deep personal stories through their work. Throughout Nina's life, fashion design has been a prominent and ever-evolving part of their personal growth and healing. Design allows them to express themselves in a way like no other. Nina constantly finds inspiration in the hand of a fabric, the silhouette of a garment and in the comfort of knowing they can create anything they want with their own two hands.

In 2017, the young designer began studying for their Bachelor's degree at Moore College of Art & Design. There, Bonaduce developed a passion for advocating and practicing sustainability in fashion. Post-graduation, Bonaduce has ambitions to further their education in sustainable fashion internationally with plans to achieve their masters in sustainable textiles in Amsterdam.



Click through to enlarge and view fashion designs from Nina's thesis collection. Photos: Naomieh Jovin '17.

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