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  • Project 35: 35 artists/35 curators 01/29 '11

    Project 35 is a year-long international video exhibition of historic and contemporary works selected by 35 curators from around the globe. Curators were invited to select one artist’s video that they think vital for contemporary art audiences across the globe. The result is the opportunity to view a diversity of approaches to making video, as well as the interests artists are addressing in their practice. The works are presented in 4 chapters, each containing 8 to 9 videos that will be...

  • Art Education Department presents: Art of Student Teaching 02/23 '11

    K-12 student work from classes taught by Art Education majors. Reception: Sunday, February 27  1-3pm Widener Memorial Foundation Gallery

  • Focus on: Advanced Independent Projects in Digital Print 03/01 '11

    This advanced course taught by Professor Heather Ujiie in Digital Print Design features work by students using the computer as a creative design tool for textile and fashion design. Philadelphia Wall

  • BFA Curatorial Studies Thesis Exhibitions & Pop Up Galleries 03/25 '11

    Seven seniors majoring in Curatorial Studies at Moore present their individually curated thesis exhibitions in pop up galleries throughout the campus. Closing Reception:  Friday, April 15, 2011, 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Guided tours available. The exhibitions are on different floors of the school. Look for the logo and directional signs! Use this guide to help you discover the Curatorial Studies Pop Up Gallery sites. Locations: Sarah Peter Hall 1st Floor Philadelphia Wall: Space &...

  • BFA Fellowship Exhibition 2011 03/25 '11

    The Fellowship exhibition features work by third-year students competing for highly coveted travel fellowships. The Annual Student Show features works by first-year Basics students, as well as second and third year students representing the following departments: Art Education, Basics, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Photography + Digital Arts, Textile Design. Honors Convocation: Friday, April 15 Levy...

  • Mutual Irradiation 01: Gaelynn Lea and Kingsley Ibeneche 09/14 '18

    Join the Galleries at Moore for an evening of intimate musical performances and conversation with Gaelynn Lea and Kingsley Ibeneche. Following the performances, artist/curator Jim Strong will moderate a discussion with Lea and Ibeneche about about their journeys as artists and their use of music/art as tools for healing and social change.  Gaelynn Lea is a musician and songwriter, public speaker and disability rights activist based in Duluth, MN. Kingsley Ibeneche is an experimental...

  • ART AT LUNCH: Wit López 09/27 '18

    Art at Lunch is an afternoon event series co-presented by The Galleries and the different major areas of the Moore College of Art & Design. This week’s event was developed in conjunction with the Moore’s Fine Arts department. Wit López is a disabled, gender non-conforming/nonbinary trans performer, visual artist, scholar, and independent curator of African American and Boricua descent. Through fiber, performance, humor, and imagery, López explores hairiness, accessibility, queerness, gender...

  • Artist Gallery Walkthrough 12/04 '19

    Join The Galleries at Moore for an intimate engagement with our fall exhibition Or Both, curated by Mia Locks. Exhibiting artists Martin Beck and Medrie MacPhee will lead guests through the gallery, sharing insights into their practice and the work on display while answering questions from the audience. The exhibition is the first in Moore's Visiting Curators Initiative series, a program that focuses on fostering creative opportunities for independent curators, allowing them to experiment in...

  • Moore Graduate Studies Presents: An Event About Events 11/20 '19

    Students in Moore’s Curatorial Studies course present a line-up programmatic interventions each exploring their personal curatorial interests. This event is free and open to the public.

  • Modular Synthesis 101 02/27 '19

      In conjunction with the 2019 Faculty Triennial, participating artist Jerry Kaba will host a crash course in Modular Synthesis. Kaba will cover a brief introduction to the history of the Modular Synthesizer and will intrudce the basic concepts of sound sculpting. Participants will gain an understanding of the components of the synthesizer, what they do, how do they work together, and how they shape sound waves.  The workshop will include hands on guided experimentation with Modular and Semi-...

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