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  • Clay Things / East Coast Invitational

    Curated by Dianne Vanderlip, an exhibition with works by Jack Earl, Douglas Baldwin, Jun Kaneko, Bill Lombardo, Donna Nichols, and Bill Stewart. Accompanied by an exhibition catalogue.

  • The Other Side of The Moon: The World of Adolf Wölfli

    A selection of 85 drawings from the Adolf Wolfli Foundation, Museum of Fine Arts, Bern, Switzerland

  • Donation Form

  • Facts, Fantasies and Fiction: Christian Curiel, Sarah McEneaney, Matthew Suib

    Featuring works that present real, constructed, and imagined narratives.  Included in the exhibition are New York-based artist Christian Curiel and Philadelphia-based artists Sarah McEneaney and Matthew Suib.  From images that hover between the boundaries of the recognizable and everyday to those found only in movies or in dreams, this exhibition presents paintings and videos that explore various approaches to the narrative tradition in contemporary art. Curator: Lorie Mertes, Rochelle F. Levy...

  • David Reed—Painting/Vampire Study Center

  • Jay DeFeo: Selected Works 1952 – 1989

  • Elijah Pierce, Woodcarver

  • DO IT

    DO IT: VISIT OUR TUMBLR PAGE! What would happen if an exhibition never stopped? This is precisely what artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, asked themselves in a Paris café in 1993. To test the idea, they invited twelve artists to propose artworks based on written instructions that can be openly interpreted every time they are presented. Since then, hundreds of artists have been invited to submit instructions, and versions of do it have been...

  • 1990s

    Waxwork November 5 – December 12, 1999 An exhibition of works by Sarah Biemiller, Astrid Bowlby, John Dini, Ellen Kahn, Kevin Kautenburger, K. M. Marking, and others.  These artists have made a commitment to wax as a source of their inspiration and an essential part of their working process; it informs, coats, protects, blurs, intercedes, or bond in these artists’ work; shaping subject, narrative, and form by its presence.   Absalon:  Cells, Models, and Drawings November 5 – December...

  • The New Landscapes

    Curated by Dianne Perry Vanderlip, an exhibition with works by John Clem Clarke, Lowell Nesbitt, Mac Wells, Paul Narckiewicz, Ian Hornak, and H.N. Han. Accompanying catalogue with introduction by William Wilson.

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