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  • Collection in Progress

    A selection of works from Milton Brutten and Helen Herrick’s remarkable collection of contemporary art, including works by Vito Acconci, Al Held, Bill Jensen, Robert Smithson and Michelle Stuart.  Curated by Dianne Perry Vanderlip.  

  • Öde: A Project by Sarah Beck

    As conceived by Sarah Beck, “ÖDE” combines references to art, marketing, and the military.  In the exhibition, a Rooikat 105 armored fighting vehicle, which measures over twenty-five feet long and weighs two tons, is accompanied by print graphics, a brochure, a CD-ROM, and the website 

  • 2002

    Raymond Hains: Art Speculator November 5 – December 15, 2002 A survey of photographs, torn posters, sculpture, collages, installations; documentaries and experimental film; as well as new photographic, text, and Internet-based works inspired by American culture. Conceived by the Centre Pompidou, Musee National d’Art Moderne – Centre de Creation Industrielle, Paris – Organized by the Goldie Paley Gallery   Bernarda Bryson Shahn: A Selection of Prints and Drawings from 1928 – 1998...

  • Frances Trombly: Everything and Nothing

    Riffing on Duchamp’s notion of the readymade, Frances Trombly’s laboriously crafted sculptures are meticulous recreations of mundane objects that normally escape our attention.

  • Philadelphia Selections 3: 9 Seers

    Curated: Charles Biasiny-Rivera Works selected from the Levy Gallery Slide Registry by nine photographers: Jan Almquist, Ricardo Barros, Howard Brunner, Joseph M. Chapuk, Kyung Yun Cho, Robert Crites, Ditta Baron Hoeber, Keith Sharp, and David Wells.  They are visionary artists who express a personal language through the medium of photography.  They work with pinhole cameras, large-format cameras, color and black-and- white photography, Xeroxes, text, and installation to “connect with the...

  • PMA at MCA

    An exhibition of works by contemporary Philadelphia artists selected from the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Curated by Dianne Perry Vanderlip.

  • Alan Shields

    Four large-scale environmental works by artist Alan Shields.  Curated by Dianne Perry Vanderlip.  

  • The Basel School of Design and Its Philosophy: The Armin Hofmann Years, 1946 – 1986

    An exhibition of posters that will travel to the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, and the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.  

  • 1980s

    BILL TRAYLOR: DRAWING October 30 – December 13, 1989 An exhibition of drawings by self-taught, Alabama folk artist Bill Traylor. FIELDWORKS: COLLECTING AS FOLKLORE October 27 – December 9, 1989 Displays of objects, ephemera, and everyday materials collected by 70 area residents, organized in conjunction with the Philadelphia Folklore Project in celebration of the centennial of the American Folklore Society. FACULTY SHOW '89: A COMPENDIUM OF ART AND DESIGN September 8 – October 17, 19...

  • 2003

    Rochelle Levy: Figures in Motion November 6 – December 16, 2003 On the occasion of the Goldie Paley Galleries 20th Anniversary, and the anniversary of Cissie Levy’s first museum exhibition, “Recent Paintings” will feature horses and riders, exercising and at the track, a familiar world to this breeder of thoroughbreds. With a keen sense of form, light, and color, Levy captures with authenticity the magic of her subject. Exhibition catalogue   I Am Not This Body: Photographs by Barbara...

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