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DESIGNLAB: Karl Allen + Jacob Kehs

Featuring the collaborative work of exhibition designer & technician, Karl Allen and Philadelphia-based artist, Jacob Kehs, this exhibition presents a life-sized diorama that bridges their mutual interest in natural history. Influenced by modern methods of taxidermy, the science of botany and human interaction with the animal kingdom, the pair present an environment where identities become blurred in the translation of what is real and imagined. The result is a display that reflects the world around us, where fantasy and reality intermingle through a technologically innovative, didactic and interactive display of visual oddities.

Karl Allen is currently an MFA candidate in the Museum Exhibition, Planning and Design program at The University of the Arts and received his BA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. Jacob Kehs is a Philadelphia-based artist currently working in mixed media, he received his BFA in Ceramics from Penn State University and co-directs STORAGE, an alternative artist-run gallery space in South Philadelphia.