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Bicycle: People + Ideas in Motion

Bicycle: People + Ideas in Motion celebrates Philadelphia’s passion and commitment to the bicycle with exhibitions and events that explore the art and design of the bicycle—from functional object to a canvas for good causes, personal expression and civic mindedness. In addition to vintage bikes from Philadelphia collections, the exhibition will feature a variety of bikes from the urban landscape: “fixies,” folding bikes, road, race and touring bikes, commuters, cargo bikes, and more. The show also highlights Philadelphia annual events such as the Philadelphia International Cycling Championship Race, Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, and Bilenky Urban Cyclocross, as well as community-based organizations like Neighborhood Bike Works and the Bike Part Art Show and the Pedal Co-op. While primarily focused on the Philadelphia-based bicycle community, artists and designers from Philadelphia and beyond who find inspiration to create new forms, functions and materials from bicycles and bicycle parts will also be featured. Curated by Lorie Mertes, Rochelle F. Levy Director and Chief Curator.