Community CoLAB: Greenfield Stories: School as Community

December 14, 2007 – January 6, 2008
Greenfield Stories is an artistic collaboration between The Galleries at Moore, Moore College of Art & Design’s Art Education Department, and 4th through 6th grade students from the Albert M. Greenfield School. Consisting of large painted panels and photographs, Greenfield Stories draws its themes from conversations and interviews with current and former members of the Greenfield community—parents, students, teachers and staff. The end result is a visual story of the people who have helped shape the school into the vibrant community that it is today. The project is part of The Galleries’ new outreach initiative, Community CoLAB, which fosters and presents artistic collaborations between Moore students and community groups and organizations.

Flow | A Selection of works by Moore Faculty: Frank Hyder, Mary Ann Krutsik, Jonathan Wallis

November 1, 2007 – February 3, 2008
Flow features the work of three of Moore’s faculty who each work with images of water, pattern, and repetition to visually create rhythm. These works were selected from Moore's 2007 Triennial Faculty Exhibition.

Facts, Fantasies, and Fictions: Christian Curiel, Sarah McEneaney, Matthew Suib

October 26 – December 9, 2007
Featuring works that present real, constructed, and imagined narratives.  Included in the exhibition are New York-based artist Christian Curiel and Philadelphia-based artists Sarah McEneaney and Matthew Suib.  From images that hover between the boundaries of the recognizable and everyday to those found only in movies or in dreams, this exhibition presents paintings and videos that explore various approaches to the narrative tradition in contemporary art. Curator: Lorie Mertes, Rochelle F. Levy Director and Chief Curator.

Women to Watch: Photography in Philadelphia

October 26 – December 9, 2007
Featuring new or recent work by five established and three emerging women artists; Genevieve Coutroubis, Alida Fish, Eileen Neff, Clarissa Sligh, Sarah Stolfa, Zoe Strauss, Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, and Deborah Willis. Presented by the Pennsylvania State Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, (NMWA) in partnership with The Galleries at Moore. Curator: Susan Fisher Sterling, Deputy Director/Chief Curator NMWA, Washington, D.C.

InSights: Eva Wylie - Overlaps

October 26 – December 9, 2007
Wylie, a Philadelphia-based artist, is creating a site-specific installation commissioned by Moore for its InSights series of exhibitions installed in the window on Race Street. Wylie’s images are drawn from a variety of sources including the Internet, water bottles, travel magazines, advertisements, as well as from her own “tourist” photographs. Working with the architecture of the space, she uses a silkscreen method directly on unconventional materials as well as on the walls and windows to transform the space and context of the sources of her imagery. Curated by Lorie Mertes, Rochelle F. Levy Director and Chief Curator.

Selections from Jumpstart: Flights of Fancy, a tribute to Aviator Park

October 26, 2007 – January 13, 2008
The exhibition features a selection of preparatory sketches, photographs and fashions created for the 11th incarnation of Jumpstart, Moore’s themed fashion show that kicks off the school year. Designs were inspired by everything from insects to tropical birds to hot air balloons, in materials ranging from faux fur to feathers, silks to organza—even Christmas lights.

People, Places, Things

October 26, 2007 – January 13, 2008
Exhibition featuring recent photographs by Moore’s Photo & Digital Arts Students. Featuring works by: Masha Badinter, Bailey Goldenbaum, Megan Jensen, Meghan Marvin, Angela Murdoch, Sarah Quick and Heather Rotay.

Dona Lantz: Gnosis

September 6 – October 21, 2007
Lantz, Academic Dean at Moore, presents recent photographs where she juxtaposes seemingly unrelated images of ordinary found objects and everyday captured moments. Together the individual images create a visual whole that extends the meaning of any single image.

Leila Cartier: A Natural Imbalance

September 6 – October 21, 2007
Recent work by Moore Alumna, Class of 2004.  Saturated, consuming, and at times disorienting, Cartier’s paintings – with their abstract streaks of color and pattern – evoke an infinite landscape seen through a fast-moving Technicolor lens.

Joshua Levine: Trophy Room

September 6 – October 14, 2007
The site-specific installation in the new Window on Race Street project space by Los Angeles-based artist Joshua Levine presents a collection of fantasy animal heads in a “trophy room” of the future. At a time when creating designer animals through genetic engineering is a common practice and under great debate, Levine presents his vision of wildly designed hybrid “game” animals that have been fashioned by science and the hands of man. Presented as the first in the InSights series of exhibitions offering insight into the work of emerging artists and their working process. Curated by Lorie Mertes Rochelle F. Levy Director and Chief Curator.

Faculty Triennial Exhibition

August 31 – October 14, 2007
This exhibition showcases the breadth of talent and artistic achievements by members of Moore’s teaching community.  The exhibition features work in a diverse range of media created in the past three years by forty-five artists and designers teaching in the fine, applied, and liberal arts.

On View at CBS: Recent Work by Moore Students

May 30, 2007 – May 25, 2008
The work currently featured includes work by eight Moore students: Deanna Campisi, Kelly Ann Catenacci, Rebecca Daddino, Jenni Deets, Katie Glisson, Bronwyn Landvatter, Chelsea Maymon, and Jennifer Tursi.

Five Into One

May 27 – June 10, 2007
An exhibition of work by senior students at Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, Tyler, Penn, University of the Arts, and Moore.  Organized by Philadelphia Sculptors and curated by Moore faculty member, Paul Hubbard and Tyler faculty member, Lucartha Kohler. 

Senior Show 2007

April 25 – May 13, 2007
An annual exhibition featuring work created by graduating seniors in Moore’s BFA programs.


March 30 – April 16, 2007
An exhibition featuring work by third-year students competing for highly coveted travel fellowships, as well as work created by first, second and third-year students from all of Moore’s BFA programs.

Moore College of Art & Design: 3 Alumnae Exhibitions

February – June 2007
Works include: Jewelry by Heather Skowood (Class of 1995), Paintings by Smokie Kittner (Class of 1978), and Katurah Thomas (Class of 2001).

Receive, React, Respond: 2007 Alumnae Exhibition

February 24 – March 18, 2007
An annual juried exhibition featuring recent work created by Moore alumnae.

Introduction '07: Program Fellows from The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

February 6–28, 2007
Organized by The Center for Emerging Visual Artists in cooperation with The Galleries at Moore, this exhibition is a first look at the work of CFEVA’s newest Career Development Program fellows.

Andrea Baldeck: A Retrospective, The Heart of the Matter

January 17 – March 18, 2007
Andrea Baldeck is a photographer, musician, and physician who has published five volumes of photographs taken around the world in places such as Haiti, Southeast Asia, and Italy. Her retrospective includes approximately 200 black and white photographs. Guest curator: Stephen Perloff.

The Hurricane Poster Project

January 16 – February 19, 2007
A collective effort of over 160 people from around the world who designed and donated limited edition posters to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The signed and numbered posters sold online with all profits going directly to the American Red Cross.  Co-sponsored in association with AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Philadelphia Chapter.

Alina Wheeler: Designing Brand Identity

January 16 – February 19, 2007