Show-and-Share: Cammi Climaco + Rubens Ghenov + Beth Heinly

Show-and-Share: Cammi Climaco + Rubens Ghenov + Beth Heinly
Thursday, February 7th '13 11:00 pm – Friday, February 8th '13 1:00 am
The Galleries at Moore

This weekly series of show-and-tell-style events features open, skill-share lessons – led by Philadelphia-based artists, curators, writers, filmmakers and other cultural producers - on a wide range of topics.

This week's featured guests and sharings are:

Cammi Climaco | How to Write Black Comedy

Rubens Ghenov | The Mystagogue(s)

Beth Heinly | Playing With Fire: Indoor Fire Sculpting for Teens and the Occult

About the participants: Cammi Climaco, artist; Rubens Ghenov, artist and member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery; Beth Heinly, artist and member of VOX POPULI Gallery.



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