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Mattie Brice: Play Artist, Design Researcher & Educator

Mattie Brice: Play Artist, Design Researcher & Educator
Wednesday, February 21st '18 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Join The Galleries as we welcome play artist and design researcher Mattie Brice as she presents on her interdisciplinary body of work investigating games, politics, and social networks.

This event is in conjunction with the exhibition Not Ready To Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls In The Artworld And Beyond on view until March 17.


Mattie Brice is an artist and design researcher working with play and games to engage social issues and create new cultural practices. Her approach is interdisciplinary, mixing theoretical research with critical practice with a focus on grassroots activist change. She began her career as a media critic in games journalist publication like Kotaku and Paste speaking to the experiences of marginalized players and creators while introducing alternative narratives of design to contemporary industrial practices. Mattie participated in DIY movements that distributed tools and resources for marginalized people to be able to make games without programming knowledge or formal game design training and began making her own work, the first being Mainichi which toured exhibition spaces internationally. She also organized community events around diversity and games such as the Queerness and Games Conference that focused on bringing together marginalized voices into a community of practice and thought. Currently Mattie teaches design research at NYC universities such as NYU and The New School and is developing play experiences and methodologies for creating interventions for power abuse and discrimination in professional and intimate networks. 

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