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Free Art Exchange

Free Art Exchange
Friday, October 11th '19 – Saturday, October 12th '19
The Galleries at Moore, 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia

The Galleries at Moore invite the public to our first-ever Free Art Exchange—an open art swap and two-day celebration of personal art-making and communal exchange.

People and families of all artistic abilities are invited to participate by contributing their own art and giving someone else’s art a brand new home. If you don’t have any art to bring, there will be art-making stations for you to create and participate. Throughout both days, a series of discussions and performances will help fuel creative and inspirational energies. The goal of this event is to emphasize all people's identities as artists and to explore new systems for valuing our art.

This event is free and open to the public.


  • Friday, October 11, 11 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday, October 12, 11 am – 2 pm


Friday, October 11 | 6:30 pm | Widener Gallery
Valuing Arts: Alternative Models of Sharing" a panel talk featuring Sarah Kim, Joy Xian, Briyana Clarel and moderated by Logan Cryer. 


Check In: When you arrive, check in your art pieces by creating a label with any information you want the future owner to know (your name, your social media handles, your art piece’s title, your inspiration, etc.) If you don’t have any art to bring, don't worry! There will be art-making stations on hand during the Exchange for you to create an art piece to trade.

Get Tickets: For every art piece you submit to the Exchange, you will get one ticket to use to take home someone else's art. Submit three art pieces, take home three art pieces!

Look at Art! Peruse the Exchange, look at the art available, meet other artists and talk about art!

Check Out: Once you have found the pieces you want to take home, bring them to the check-out and exchange them for your tickets. That’s it! Go home and enjoy your new art!


  • There is a limit of five (5) art pieces per person
  • No art pieces larger than 30 inches in any dimension
  • Art pieces of any medium will be accepted as long as they meet the above criteria
  • Art pieces submitted to the Exchange will not be returned to their creators. Any unclaimed art at the end of the Exchange will remain with The Galleries at Moore.

Above: Animated illustration by Dylan B. Caleho '19 (@dylanbeedoodles).

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