Film al Fresco | Screening IV

Film al Fresco | Screening IV
Saturday, July 27th '13 1:00 am – 3:00 am
Aviator Park

Honey and Trombones, 2012 | 9 mins.
Tayarisha Poe, director

The patchwork story of how Louisa remembers Indiana, and the relationship they had with one another.

4,000 Weddings & Some Funerals, 2013 | 3 mins. 45 sec.
Jeff Brown, director

A time-averaged compilation of 4,000 wedding photos submitted to Flickr during June 2012, and 1,000 Flickr photos tagged “funeral” from the same time period.

Tom, 2013 | 2 mins. 59 sec.
Shikeith Cathey, writer/director

A young man comes face-to-face with his stereotype.

Oscillating Garrett, 2011 | 7 mins.
Mark Kochanowicz, director

A man mourning the loss of his wife becomes trapped in a crashed virtuality when he overstays his time.

Aquí y Allá, 2013 | 30 mins.
Michelle Angela Ortiz, director

The Aquí y Allá public art project (created by artist Michelle Angela Ortiz) explores the impact of immigration in the lives of Mexican immigrant youth in South Philadelphia in connection with youth in Chihuahua, México.


Street Food Philly | restaurant-inspired street food

Film al Fresco has been funded in part by a grant from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

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