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Art at Lunch: Renee Jackson

Art at Lunch: Renee Jackson
Wednesday, October 16th '19 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Galleries at Moore, 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia

Join The Galleries at Moore for a presentation by artist, educator and scholar Dr. Renee Jackson.

Jackson is an assistant professor and program head of Art Education at Temple University's Tyler School of Art and Architecture, in the Art Education and Community Arts Practices department. She is an artist, critical feminist educator and scholar, whose research interests relate to game design and game play as collaborative art forms and learning tools. Her priority is to provide middle-school girls with opportunities to understand game design as a powerful communication tool, and to recognize the possibility of careers in technology related fields.

Jackson holds a PhD in Education and MA in Art Education from Concordia University in Montréal Québec Canada, a BEd (visual arts specialist) from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a BFA from York University in Toronto. 

Art at Lunch events are free and open to the public. This program is presented in conjunction with Moore’s Art Education and Animation and Game Design BFA programs.

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