Learning Through Photography | LTP at Moore

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Literacy Through Photography (LTP) encourages children to explore their world as they photograph scenes from their own lives, and then use their images as catalysts for verbal and written expression. LTP also provides opportunities for students to bring their home and community lives into the classroom. Photographs can give teachrs a glimpse into their students’ lives and, in increasingly diverse classrooms, give students a way to understand each other’s experiences.

In 1989 the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) invited photographer Wendy Ewald to Durham, NC, to offer a two-week workshop for local schoolchildren. A year later, with encouragement from Durham school administrators and support from CDS, Ewald started the Literacy Through Photography (LTP) program, working in the Durham Public Schools to make photographs the basis for a variety of learning experiences across the curriculum. Since then, LTP has worked with numerous elementary and middle-school teachers and children of varying ages and backgrounds through programs with the South Carolina Arts Commission, Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Arts and Education Council of Chattanooga, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Alvarez Bravo Photographic Center/Galeria de la Luz in Mexico. School districts across Texas and in Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, North Carolina, and New Mexico have also used LTP. More than 25,000 students have benefited from the Literacy Through Photography program since its introduction. For more information: LTP Blog at Duke University