Dear Staff:

I want to thank you for your continued vigilance as we sort through the daily challenges that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak presents. Our focus has been, as always, to prioritize the health and safety of our students. This week we are working hard to get all students safely home with the items they need from their residence halls and studios, and to prepare our faculty for remote instruction, so that the semester may proceed without further delay or interruption. For our seniors, we will do everything we can to make sure they graduate on time and will soon shift our thinking toward accounting for the missed opportunities and moments they expected to experience during their last semester at Moore.

These are unprecedented and strange times for all of us. Like me, I know you are watching the news and thinking about your colleagues, your community and your loved ones, near and far. Please be assured that you are valued members of the Moore community and we are dedicated to ensuring your health and safety as part of the greater good, both on campus and in society. The members of Moore’s Boards of Trustees and Managers and I are grateful for your collective commitment to Moore and to each other, and extremely proud of what we have already accomplished together during this crisis.

I want to thank Moore’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), which has gathered many times over the last few weeks to prepare us for the scenario of staff working remotely. This week, we are moving forward with a rollout of remote work for staff, with the overarching goal of closing campus to all but critical personnel by 5 pm on Friday, March 20, until further notice. We are staggering the rollout with the goal of continually decreasing the number of people present on campus each day—and this effort has been hastened with news from the City earlier today. We are doing this to ensure the safety of those who are needed on site this week to assist students with moving out, to conduct training for faculty and other key tasks.

It is important to note that any employee working remotely must work from home in order to keep other people in their immediate community safe. Employees must perform essentially the same work that they would in the central workplace, in accordance with the same working hours (9 am to 5 pm for all or most), performance expectations and other agreed-upon terms. Employees must maintain a normal workload to the fullest extent possible and must be available to their supervisor during normal working hours. Please speak with your supervisor as soon as possible regarding further expectations around working from home.

All staff will also be expected to share a phone number with their supervisor, which will then be collected by Alysson Cwyk and posted publicly online. If you are not comfortable with sharing your personal home or cell phone number, please follow the instructions below for setting up a free Google Voice number, which you can change or cancel at any time. If you need assistance setting this up, please contact Alysson at and she will be happy to help.

In addition, please review our available resources for remote work and computing from home, including instructions for access to 1TB of secure online storage with Microsoft OneDrive. Depending on the day you begin working from home, please develop a plan to prepare for that transition and use the available resources as needed.

The ERT will be in touch with individual managers about this week’s schedule, and which departments and/or individuals will be affected each day. With support from Senior Managers, the ERT will address any questions or needs as quickly as possible. Of course, we will also keep you updated as needed with communications about when it will be safe to return to campus—and we hope that time comes sooner rather than later.

Thank you for working with us to ensure a smooth transition during this process. While I will miss seeing your faces in person, I look forward to the myriad ways in which we will all rise to the occasion during this critical time.

Most sincerely,

Cecelia Fitzgibbon


 As part of the College response to COVID-19, Moore College of Art & Design is committed to supporting employees and their immediate family members who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, this generally applies to people 65 years and older and people with underlying medical conditions. COVID-19 specific workplace accommodation requests will be considered by Human Resources. In addition to these high risk factors, Human Resources will also consider COVID-19 specific accommodation requests for employees with issues accessing childcare. COVID-19 specific accommodation requests are for 30 days. Employees who want an extension of the COVID-19 specific accommodation request must reapply. 

For purposes relating to COVID-19 specific accommodations, immediate family is defined as those who reside in the same household and are related by kinship, adoption, or marriage. When requested by an employee, for immediate family members or themselves considered at high-risk from exposure to COVID-19, Moore College of Art & Design will: 

  • Provide options for alternative work assignments such as working remote, schedule change, additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) -above and beyond what is provided to all employees- or social distancing measures. 
  • Require employee to provide supporting documentation such as but not limited to medical documentation or proof of age. Proof of age is applicable only for immediate family. 
  • Where alternative work assignments are not possible, permit high-risk employee to apply for other leave benefit such as FMLA, FFCRA, ADA and/or use any of their accrued paid time off. 

Working Remotely Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide continuity of College operations, in the event the campus must close temporarily due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Any employee working remotely must perform essentially the same work that they would in the central workplace to the extent possible, in accordance with their same performance expectations and other agreed-upon terms. 

Equipment and services may be provided by the College. In some cases, employees may be expected to provide their own equipment, such as computers, internet access, etc. Equipment such as computers, software, etc. provided on loan by the College remain the property of the College while on loan, and must be returned after the temporary period requiring essential personnel to work remotely.

If College equipment is provided, each piece of equipment must be listed with its serial number when the employee takes possession.

Employees must return the equipment in the same condition in which it was originally received, minus normal wear and tear. Employees are personally liable for missing or damaged equipment.

The following guidelines apply:

Employees must maintain a normal workload to the extent possible.

Employees must be available to their Manager during normal working hours.

Employees must be available for meetings and phone calls with colleagues during normal working hours.

Employees who are unable to work due to illness must use sick leave, and must report their absence to their supervisor.

Employees who are unable to work due to the illness of an immediate family member can use sick leave in accordance with the temporary sick policy regarding the Coronavirus, and must report their absence to their supervisor.

Employees who wish to be relieved of responsibility for work on a particular day or days must use vacation or personal leave.

Employees are responsible for the safety and security of all College property and proprietary information.

Please Note:

Employees may not work on any substantial non-College project when working remotely.

Individuals who need remote access to the network in order to do work remotely will need a secure computer and a secure connection. Requests for remote access to the network will be approved by the Emergency Response Team.

Online and Computer Resources for Working Remotely

All staff have access to 1TB of secure online storage with Microsoft OneDrive. You can access your OneDrive storage by going to and login with your Moore email and current password. This is also where you can obtain a licensed version of Office if you don’t already have it installed on your personal computer. Please copy any files you anticipate needing while working remotely to your OneDrive account.

Flash drives and personal online storage are not suitable for storing sensitive information and should only have files saved to them that would be considered public information.

If you are reluctant to give out your personal telephone number you can sign up for a free Google Voice number. Google voice allows you to make and receive phone calls and text messages from your computer or mobile device. You can change the number or cancel the service at any time.

Method 1: Webmail

Go to or follow the links on

Login with the same credentials as your current windows login. Your username is not your entire email address.

Method 2: Mobile Device

You can add your Moore email as an additional mail account on any iPhone or Android phone. Separate instructions with screenshots are below. (Android instructions have been prepared using a Samsung Galaxy S10e. There are many models of Android phones available; your phone setup may vary slightly from our instructions page.)

Instructions to add Moore email account (Android)

Instructions to add Moore email account (iPhone)

Method 3: Outlook Mail Client

If you have the Microsoft Outlook desktop app installed, you can add your Moore email account to it. There are several versions of Microsoft Outlook and the setup may vary slightly between versions. Instructions for configuring Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016  are below:

Setting up Microsoft Outlook 2019 (Mac)

Setting up Microsoft Outlook 2016 (Windows)

If you don’t already have Microsoft Office on your personal computer you can install it for free by following the attached installation guidelines.

Setting up Microsoft Office (Mac)

Setting up Microsoft Office (Windows)

Please use your Moore email when creating your Slack account.

After you have created your Slack account, click here to log in to Slack.

To have your voicemails sent to your Moore email send a support request to Facilities Maintenance or by following the links on

You must include your phone extension and the email address your voicemail will be sent to in the description.

Submitting a support request is the best way to reach IT and Facilities.