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Computer Resources

Though you are able to access Moodle through other resources like your tablet and smart phones, you should expect to use your laptop to build and manage your course.

Depending on the use of streaming media, interactive multimedia, or other content in
the individual courses, you might need additional hardware/software or browser plug-ins, such
as, QuickTime, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player and Java.

There is a 64mb upload limit for video or high definition photos. Please plan your projects with this in mind. Ask your students to size their images and video for the web, not for print.

All first-year BFA students are required to purchase Microsoft Office 365 University, and encouraged to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud Membership. All students choosing to purchase a Windows laptop will also be required to purchase Symantec Antivirus for Windows.

Ultimately, students are responsible for getting their work in to you on-time in usable, appropriate formats. If they are having technology issues, they are not excused from turning in their assignments.  Use the Computer Requirements to guide your assignment expectations. Information and links for ordering discount hardware and software are also listed.

Computer Resources and IT Support


Connelly Library Resources

Connelly Library supports the educational curriculum and goals at the Moore College of Art & Design. The Library provides broad coverage of art history, theory, criticism and the practice of fine arts and design, while also supporting art education studies and the liberal arts.

Connelly Library provides access to materials and resources to assist Moore students in their academic studies and studio practices. The library also provides students and teachers with a computer lab and an Audio Visual Department where you can borrow AV equipment, laptops and cameras.