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Major: Two-Dimensional Fine Arts

Jill Kerwick received her BFA from Moore College of Art in 1978. Kerwick is a painter and collage artist who uses humor and mystery in her work. Kerwick also incorporates many of her late father’s paintings into 3 dimensional collages that she photographs. She collects ladies head vases, fabric and thrift shop paintings which also get incorporated, as do Kerwick’s own paintings. 

  • Make a little every day since it is more possible than having a full eight hours a day.
  • Work needs time, don't look at it for a few days and work on something else.
  • Looking at art supplies is part of the process.
  • Show your work in process to other artists whose opinion you respect.
  • Go to museums and wander.
  • Take workshops.
  • Read artists biographies (comedians, writers, painters…) I recommend DeKooning by Stevens and Swan.
  • Putter in your studio, cleaning up sparks new ideas.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something else. If you are a painter, try ceramics.
  • Set up a routine.
  • Have fun, it shows.