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Student Thank You Letters

Student Thank You Letters for Scholarships and Grants

Congratulations on receiving a donor-funded scholarship from Moore. This scholarship was included as part of your financial aid package and was made possible by a generous gift from a person or foundation that cares deeply about Moore and our students.

In return for your scholarship, Moore requires that you write a letter of appreciation to your benefactor. This letter is an opportunity for you to say “thank you” and to describe the impact of their generosity on your education. Hearing from you is very meaningful to donors. It allows them to get a glimpse of how their gift has made a difference in the life of a student. Many of them continue to give additional scholarship funds because they know their gifts are deeply appreciated and that they are helping deserving students realize their potential.

The College will forward your letter to your donor; DO NOT mail the letter to your donor yourself.  If you have any questions about your aid package, please contact the Financial Aid Office via email at

You may access the form to submit your thank you letter on-line here.

Complete the entire form. You may wish to prepare materials before beginning, as you will be asked to:

• Determine your consent to having your information shared with donors.

• Write a message at least three paragraphs long (1,200-2,000 characters).

     - Tell about yourself; your major, your year at Moore, and any art-related activities in which you have participate.
     - Include experiences you have had because of your Moore education (field trips, internships, fellowships) or what your dreams are for the future.
     - Simply say thank you and describe how the generosity of this scholarship is helping you afford your education.
     - Proofread your writing for proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar, but do not worry about formatting.

• Upload an electronic signature (PNG or JPEG formats only)  (optional)

• Upload 2 photos: a headshot or picture of you working in your studio and a picture of your artwork. (PNG or JPEG formats only). Please ensure that your photos are appropriate to share with donors.

If you need help ensuring that you letter is clear, concise, and free of errors, please contact Steve Scaduto, Director of Educational Support Services & The Writer’s Studio in Stahl Hall by calling 215-965-4062 or emailing